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40 products

Cleaning & Laundry at The Ideal Sunday

There are so many plastics and toxins in cleaning and laundry products that either end up in landfill or the ocean. We're trying to change that by offering all natural soaps and plastic free refill cleaners that don't harm the planet.

Simple swaps can make a big difference especially with the products you chose when cleaning your home.

Just because a product is eco-friendly doesn’t make it less effective or more expensive. When you buy a cleaning spray that is pre diluted you’re paying to carry water around, our cleaning sprays are concentrated meaning you add the water and pay only for stuff that does the cleaning.

Our laundry cleaning strips are no mess and easy to use, tear one off and throw it in with your washing. They’re as natural, safe and as non-toxic as possible. No more spillages or burst pods.

There’s an alternative solution for every part of your cleaning routine, take a look at our full range.