Dental at The Ideal Sunday

Our oral care products will contribute greatly in keeping your bathroom zero waste.

Bamboo toothbrushes make a fabulous addition to your daily oral care routine. Used with our toothpaste tablets, dental floss and other oral hygiene products they make something you do every day easy and effective whilst maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The handle being biodegradable and bristle recyclable they're the perfect alternative to plastic. Our handy bamboo travel case makes them ideal for holidays and with our toothpaste tablets there's no chance of arriving with spilled toothpaste spoiling the start of your trip.

Finish your dental care routine with our natural corn dental floss which comes in a handy glass dispenser with refills available, making it not only a great swap but also easy on the pocket.

Dive in to our full range and enjoy a fresh mouth with a clear conscience.