12 Eco-Friendly Essentials You Can Start Using in 2020!

It is fantastic that eco-friendly shopping and consuming is at the forefront of peoples minds these days. But it's still not always clear what the best and most effective switches are that we can introduce into everyday life. Here at The Ideal Sunday, we have come up with some of our favourite tips to help you get started on your plastic free journey for 2020. Below you’ll find 12 everyday essentials to revolutionise the way you live, whether it's around the house or when you’re out and about, these will help you to keep on smashing whatever you do best!

Health & Wellbeing

Stainless Steel Safety Razor

In 2018 alone, an estimated 163,000,000 people reported to have used disposable razors. That is a whole heap of plastic ending up in landfill, set to sit there for decades. That’s where the Zero Waste Club's Stainless Steel Razor comes in. This stylish razor comes with 10 spare blades (TEN!), making it an easy alternative to those disposable - and itchy - plastic razors. 

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Crystal Deodorant Stick

How long does deodorant last for these days? If you’re anything like me you’ll go through those plastic bottles pretty darn’ quickly! Luckily there’s a solution: Biork's naturally antibacterial, potassium crystal stick lasts for up to 24 hours, and comes in a cork casing that can be upcycled into... well, whatever you like! Deo done!

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Toothpaste Tablets

These little toothpaste tablets are genius. Simply chew the tablet for a few seconds until it breaks apart, wet your toothbrush and brush as usual - done! ecoLiving toothpaste tablets come in a handy refillable tin making them great for travelling,  and can be topped up with our refill bag containing a 2 month supply of tablets.  Vegan product, plastic free and compostable packaging - the gold standard in eco-living!

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Bamboo Cotton Buds

Plastic-stemmed cotton buds are a huge contributor to our global, marine plastic problem. And while in recent months, it’s been comforting to see that governments are taking the right steps to ban these harmful little things, many of the 'plastic free' alternatives are still being sold in plastic packaging. Now, I know what you're thinking... What the!? What's the point of that?! I KNOW! We suggest going with a cotton bud that is TRUELY eco-friendly, like Zero Waste Club’s pack of 200 Bamboo Cotton Buds. Packaged in 100% recyclable and biodegradable Kraft paper - We'll pass on the marine pollution thanks!

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EcoCoconut Dish Brush

This dish brush from EcoCoconut is a must for any kitchen. It’s biodegradable, tough on grease and the handle is made from an FSC accredited timber (no self respecting dish-washer would be seen without an FSC accredited timber handle, amirite?). Most importantly, they're scratch-free. So you can use them on any surface with no worries. Yes, even that expensive pan from your in-laws!

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ecoLiving Dish Soap

Locally made in the UK, ecoLiving’s dish soap is made of organic plant-based ingredients which make it biodegradable and plastic free - it’s also free of any palm oils too. A great addition to the dish brush above, the combination of these products are super tough on grease yet gentle on your hands whilst keeping any dish washing eco-friendly.

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Reusable Tea Strainer

A brew, a cuppa, a mug of rosy lea... whatever you call it, the humble cup of tea is a staple here in the UK. But did you know that nearly all tea bags contain a small amount of plastic? Imagine how many cups of tea we must go through each year?! It’s a big number! Reduce that waste by buying your own tea leaves and using a reusable tea strainer like this one, from Zero Waste Club. It has a wide mouth and handle and fits most teapots and mugs. It’s dishwasher safe, and made of food-grade stainless steel so you can be guaranteed the perfect cup every time.

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On The Go

Reusable Coffee Cup

Now I don’t have to tell you how bad single use coffee cups are for the environment - but I’m going to anyway 😋 About half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured around the world each year, they are lined with plastic and have become such a serious issue that action must be taken now! Neon Kactus have done a fantastic job with the these reusable glass coffee cups. They're made of high quality borosilicate glass, come with an anti slip thermal sleeve, and are incredibly easy to clean so you can reuse, reuse & reuse! And most importantly, they come in a range of super fun colours.

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Insulated Water Bottle

Like those pesky coffee cups, there's no doubt that the rise in single-use plastic bottles is hurting our planet. I saw this first hand on a recent trip to Kenya, where cities like Mombasa were littered with plastic bottles, everywhere you looked. The guys at Ocean Bottle are trying to change that by collecting 1000 single-use plastic bottles for the sale of each Ocean Bottle. And this is one intelligent water bottle. It's written this blog for me! That was obviously a joke, but seriously, it’s a smart water bottle. It keeps cold drinks cold for 18 hours and hot drinks hot for 9, but it also contains smartchip technology in the base so you can keep donating at participating refill stations, and continue to fund the incredible plastic free initiative that is Ocean Bottle.

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Organic Produce Bags

Another item that’s easy to always have on you swap into everyday life are these Organic Produce Bags. They come as a set of three which makes going to the shops to buy the essentials like fruit, veg and bread a plastic free experience.

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Collapsable Metal Straw & Travel Case

Let's be honest, straws are a bit of a non-essential for lots of people. But if you can't go a day without a milkshake (or a mojito), then this is another of those super easy switches.  This collapsable straw takes up practically no room at all, and comes with a case that can be attached to keys or bags so you can ditch the plastic straws and be eco-ready at a moment’s notice - Kapow!

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Bamboo Spork

Last but certainly not least is this little eating machine - The Bamboo Spork! I bet you thought the world had hit it's limits when it came to spork innovation, but you,  my friend, would be wrong. This is the world's first spoon, fork and knife combo(!!!!) making light weight of any meal on the go. With the ban of plastic cutlery on it’s way it’s a perfect time to pick up the Bamboo Spork from Zero Waste Club. It’s perfect for travel, has natural anti-bacterial properties, and is manufactured with a super smooth finish making it easy to clean. Get involved!

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