Awesome & Eco-friendly

Our Values

Here at The Ideal Sunday, we’re guided by two core values. They shape every decision we make, every product we sell and every interaction we have. We are Awesome and Eco-friendly by name and by nature. Have a read below to find out more.

The Awesome

We are a small business. Tiny but mighty. And we think that’s a good thing, we have a set of values larger businesses simply can’t offer, or don’t want to. We love supporting other local businesses just like us, the little guys, the couples that sell handmade soaps at markets, the mothers that create products to make everyday family life a little easier. Yeah, we’re on their side.

Our aim is to be a place where everyone is welcomed with a personable experience where you can find quality products that ooze awesomeness.

Our carefully selected products are more than just consumer goods, each one is a choice, a lifestyle, for you and the planet to live a little healthier.

And we think that’s pretty awesome.

The Eco-Friendly

Whilst encouraging a positive lifestyle through our awesome products and services, we think it’s imperative to leave a lasting positive impact on the environment. To us, it comes hand in hand - Awesome Products, Eco-friendly in design… it just makes sense. Because of this belief, we make sure to only source ethically made products, and we always deliver our products in plastic free packaging.

We’re not about rapid, radical change, because we don’t think it’s a sustainable solution. Instead we champion the small changes we can all make, each day, that will really impact the planet for the better. There’s no doubt about it Friends, we are stronger together!.

Our commitment to the planet doesn’t stop there. We prioritise giving back wherever possible. Since The Ideal Sunday began we have been planting a tree for every order, and we plan on teaming up with more charities and influencers in the future to increase education and awareness of our cause. If you think you can help, we’d love to hear from you!

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