7 Apps To Download Today For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Like it or loath it, our phones are never far from reach these days so why not incorporate them into our quest for a more sustainable lifestyle? We've rounded up 7 of the best sustainability apps to download now. 


The app that turns your footsteps into trees. The concept is super simple, the more steps you do, the more trees they plant. It's a really fun and engaging app and is perfect for groups of friends or colleagues who are a little competitive as you can set up groups. It uses your phone's pedometer so you don't need to do a thing, except walk. 

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The search engine that plants trees. Either add as an extension to your chrome browser or download the app to your smart phone. The more searches you perform through Ecosia, the more revenue they make which they use to plant trees rather than make a profit. It costs nothing and once downloaded requires no effort from you. 

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Too Good To Go

The app that rescues surplus food. Unwanted food from hotels, shops, restaurants and manufacturers that is perfectly good but has to go when it isn't sold in time, is then sold by Too Good To Go. You simply purchase a bag of food and go to collect it. The most fun part of this app is that you don't actually know what is in your bag until you collect, it's a great way to mix up your meal times and of course save surplus food being wasted.  

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The app that saves clothes from landfill. With the Vinted app you can shop 'til you drop at a fraction of the price. While most items are pre-loved, you can often find brand new pieces too. It's free to buy and sell on the app making it perfect to get a little extra cash from items you'd otherwise dispose of elsewhere.  

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The free sharing app. Give and get free items, borrow or lend things to your neighbours and shop homemade all from this handy app. It's super simple to use, just take a photo of your items and set up a collection point of your choice. The app takes safety seriously with profiles being verified and star rated. 

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The app that helps you stay focused. Download the app and whenever you need to stay focused, plant a tree and watch it grow as you stay on task. If you stop by leaving the app the tree "dies" and you'll have to start again. This app is perfect if you're easily distracted or find yourself doom scrolling when you know you shouldn't be. (Off to download this app now!) 

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The app that connects you with places to eat, drink and shop with less waste. Download the app to easily find, water refilling stations, coffee shops offering discounts for using your own cup, takeaways where you can use your own lunchbox, water fountains and plastic free shopping outlets. 

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That's our favourite apps, what are yours? Drop the links in the comments and tell us why you love them,

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