7 Eco Friendly Christmas Decoration ideas

With only 1 month until the big day, no doubt your thoughts will be firmly set on decorating your home ready to welcome friends, family and indeed the man himself on Christmas Eve. The trees, wreaths, candles and twinkly lights all add their own touch to create a magical, cosy atmosphere that gives you that oh so Christmassy Feel.

In recent years we've become less about the homemade paper chains and streamers and more about the plastic, single use decorations we, as a society, buy commercially. However, luckily for our planet more of you are turning to more sustainable options when it comes to creating your festive feel. So deck those halls, we're dreaming of a green Christmas. 

Reusable Advent Calendar

Typically the first decoration will be the advent calendars. More often than not these are cardboard boxes with a plastic insert containing chocolate, toys or luxury treats, there are 100's of calendars now with so many different mini gifts inside. 

A reusable advent calendar saves all that cardboard and plastic and can be filled with any treats you desire. If filling them for the kids you could mix up the treats to be edible one day, a small toy the next or even parts of 1 bigger buildable toy such as a wooden model. (Just make sure they get the pieces in the right order). If the calendar is for adults (i.e. yourself) you could ask a friend or family member to fill the sections for you so that it's still a surprise on each day. 

Rent a Tree

Research has shown that to make a plastic Christmas tree carbon neutral you'd need to use it for 20+ years, by that it may be looking a little bare and past its best. That said if you're conscious of climate change the last thing you want is for a tree to be chopped down in it's prime just so that you can decorate your house for a month. 

Rent a tree is a fantastic scheme that allows you to have the perfect tree in an eco friendly way. Once you're done with your tree for the year, it goes back to the rental company to be nurtured ready for the next Christmas. 

LED Christmas Lights

There's nothing that says Christmas like twinkling fairy lights, glowing on a cold winter's evening, adorning your tree, garlands or window ledges. For those who enjoy decorating outside lighting is essential when creating your own winter wonderland. 

LED Lights not only last much longer, they're much more environmentally friendly. They may cost a tad more initially but you'll definitely save thanks to their longer lifespan and the fact they use less electricity for just as much, if not more, of an impact. 

Handmade Wreath

Wreaths can be made from just about anything; recycled paper and card, pine cones, ribbons and fabric or even foraged foliage. Making your own wreath isn't as difficult as you may think and is actually a really fun activity for all ages and abilities. 

One of our favourites is a foraged wreath. Gathering fallen fir branches, pine cones, conkers, berries and holly before coming home and winding them into a metal circle (old coat hanger) using some garden twine. Not only can you create a fab looking wreath, they smell amazing too. 

Sustainable Tree Decorations

The most sustainable tree decorations are the ones handed down through generations but these may not be to your taste or colour scheme. There are so many that are made from natural materials now such as wood or bamboo and they look amazing against the green of your Christmas Tree. 

If you're feeling creative you can make your own, all you need is a few simple materials, some imagination and perhaps some Pinterest guides for help. 

Eco Friendly Candles

As well as creating the perfect, warm Christmas environment, scented candles give that unmistakable cosy glow while making your room smell fabulously festive. 

Eco friendly candles are made with natural ingredients. Corrine Taylor soy candles are made with Soy wax which is cleaner than other waxes, burns longer, and is free from harmful toxins and chemicals. It contains no carcinogens or pollutants which means it is less likely to trigger allergies. Find them here. 

Keep an eye out for our festive blogs this month as we lead up to celebrating Christmas 2021 in style.

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