7 Sustainable alternatives to tin foil

More often than not we asked to recommend eco friendly alternative products to traditional and convenient items, one of these being tin foil. In years gone by we've gotten used to reaching for the foil when we need to wrap leftover food, cover a roasting piece of meat or line an otherwise sticky baking sheet but tin foil is bad news for the environment and tonnes of the stuff ends up in landfill each day. Here we take a look at some more sustainable options. 

Eco friendly alternatives to tin foil

7 Alternatives to Tin Foil - Easy Eco Kitchen Hacks 

1. Lidded cookware

Invest in good quality lidded cookware and you'll not only be able to goodbye to tin foil you'll save money over time too. Lidded cookware is so versatile and can be used to cook stews and casseroles, roasts and pasta dishes alike, anything you'd otherwise cover with foil. 

2. Wax food wraps

These super handy wax wraps are available with either beeswax or vegan wax and can wrap almost anything. Choose between pre cut wraps, which are space saving too, or a cut to size roll. They come in a huge range of designs and colours so are far more fun than foil, perfect for the kid's packed lunches. 

Alternatives to tin foil cling film sustainable swaps
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3. Reusable food bags

If you usually use tin foil to wrap sandwiches or store leftovers, switching to reusable food bags is the perfect eco swap for you. There's so many different types on the market including organic cotton or silicone varieties. They're another money saving eco swap too.  

4. Reusable baking liners

Reusable non stick baking mats are perfect for lining baking sheets but did you know you can also use them to cover food whilst it's cooking? As long as the food is flat you can use the mat over the dish you're cooking in, perfect for steaming fish or roasted vegetables. 

Alternatives to tin foil cling film eco friendly swaps
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5. Glass jars with lids

Lidded glass jars are ideal for storing leftovers as they're airtight, allowing you to keep food fresher for longer. They're available in all sizes and won't stain even when storing rich sauces. 

6. Plates

If you usually cover food in tin foil to store it in bowls simply use a plate instead. Find one that's a good fit for the bowl and just pop it on top. Zero extra cost and extra eco friendly. 

7. Silicone lids

Stretchable, silicone lids make the perfect sustainable alternative to tin foil. They're available in a variety of sizes so can be used to cover any of your existing bowls or containers. 

Sustainable swaps for tin foil cling film food storage
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Which other ways do you reduce your waste? Drop your top eco tips in the comments. 


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