8 Awesome Eco Friendly Kids Activities

Those of you with children will probably know that they're like little sponges when it comes to learning about new things, especially when learning is fun and they can relate what they're learning to things they do in everyday life. 
By teaching them good sustainability habits at a young age, we can equip them with the tools they need to carry on living an eco friendly lifestyle throughout their lives. 

Here we have 8 fantastic eco friendly activities for kids. 

Grow your own veg

You don't need a huge garden, a few pots is enough to grow carrots, potatoes, lettuces, just about anything. By planting the seeds or even growing vegetable off cuts from things like onions, you can not only teach children about zero waste, but encourage them to eat veg they maybe wouldn't eat before, purely because they've nurtured and produced it themselves. 

Eco Friendly kids activities grow your own

Have a treasure hunting walk in nature

Head to the beach, local park or woodland and get them finding different things that are important to our eco system such as rotting leaves, bugs and beasties, growing shoots and rock pools. As they come across each item on this "treasure hunt" it's a chance to explain its role (age dependant) and why need to look after it. Take a picnic for added fun. Our range of on the go products are perfect for picnics.

Bee friendly 

A pack of bee friendly wildflower seeds will set you back around £1 and they couldn't be easier to plant, you can literally scatter them anywhere and they'll find a place to grow. Kids will love watching the flowers grow and, when the bees eventually visit, you have a physical tool to show them how they pollinate crops. 

Eco Friendly Kids Activities Bee friendly seeds

We're going on a bug hunt

You can hunt for bugs in most places but the most interesting bugs tend to be in woods, meadows and ponds. Get kids turning over logs, looking closely on flowers and in long grasses and of course, who doesn't love pond dipping? Discovering these creatures in their natural habitat lets kids see the different jobs they're all doing for the ecosystem. Just as long as we teach them to put them back carefully. 

Little (eco friendly) chef

Get the kids involved with using leftovers in recipes. Carrots sat looking at you, begging to used? Carrot cake! Bananas everyone refuses to eat because they're a little old? Banana bread! It's a fun activity that teaches them to use up food that might otherwise end up being wasted. 
Check out our kitchen gadgets to make it even easier. 

Eco Friendly Kids Ideas Zero Waste Cooking

Wiggle it, just a little bit

A wormery can be a great source of amusement for kids of all ages (even big kids). They're quite simple to make from scratch and a superb way to dispose of compostable food scraps. There's a great guide here
Our compostable waste bags are ideal for collecting scraps.

Get crafty

Rather than disposing of toilet roll tubes, bottles and boxes get the kids to create a new masterpiece. Challenge them to use as much of the materials as they can with only what's in front of them. Our recycled and recyclable packaging makes great crafting materials. 

Give me a run for my money

For older kids who get them to write an eco blog. There's loads of websites that will host blogs safely, Google Blogger being a great, easy to use option. By blogging about their experiences with sustainability they can help show others what it means to our future generation. 

Eco Friendly Blog Kids Activities Baby Blogger

Do your kids already do eco friendly activities? Drop us a comment below and share your ideas with others. If they do create a blog, we'd love to read it so feel free to drop the link. 

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