Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas, Tips and Tricks

7 Alternative Eco-friendly Wrapping Ideas For Stunning and Unique Gifts this Christmas. 

Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas are becoming more and more popular in the UK as more of us strive to live a greener lifestyle all year round.

Whilst traditional wrapping paper has been the go to option for Christmas gifts for decades, many types of paper can’t be recycled due to the addition of glitter or metallic finishes.  

Everyone wants the gifts they’re giving to look stylish and beautiful as they nestle under the Christmas tree but there’s so many eco-friendly ways to achieve this without the traditional waste.

Eco-friendly gift sets, gift wrapped, ready to give this Christmas.



Before you start on your eco-friendly gift wrapping it’s a great idea to go in search of a few natural items to add the finishing touches to your gifts no matter how you choose to wrap them. These make sure your gifts stand out, look beautiful and are fun to collect at the beginning of the Christmas season.

Examples of things to collect would be:

  • Holly sprigs
  • Pine cones
  • Clippings from evergreen trees
  • Twine
  • Dried leaves


Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts and Gift Wrapping

Once you’ve gathered those there’s endless ways to make any method of wrapping look spectacular. So without further ado here’s a few eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas to get you started.

1. Recycled brown paper

One of the most readily available eco-friendly materials and usually sold on a large roll, recycled brown paper can look super stylish and sleek. Because brown paper is usually quite stiff and easy to fold it makes wrapping extra easy too with no need for tape, just a little ribbon or twine and your chosen finishing touches.

Eco-friendly alternatives gift wrapping brown paper.

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2. Fabric wrap

You can pick up some beautiful scarves from charity shops and markets and recycle them into gorgeous gift wrap. Either pop in your gift and tie the scarf itself, use a contrasting ribbon or for an extra special touch fasten it with a brooch or lapel pin that you can also pick up from your local charity store and provides the perfect keepsake. 

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts and Gift Wrapping Fabric Wraps

3. Old maps

Again often found in thrift shops old maps not only look brilliantly stylish as wrapping but provide a talking point and can be treasured by the recipient, especially if the map given holds significance for them.

Eco-friendly green living old maps gift wrap Christmas Gift

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4. Tins and jars

Save biscuit tins and any jars throughout the year, add hessian ribbons, foliage and recycled paper to make them stand out and keep the contents a secret until the big day.

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts and Gift Wrapping Ideas

5. Saved packaging

Save your packaging from parcels you receive throughout the year and reuse it for your Christmas gifts. Tissue paper, dust bags, boxes and the protective stuffing paper can all be saved and repurposed to either wrap your gifts or pack hampers.

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts and Gift Wrapping Ideas

Perfect for stocking fillers.

6. Newspapers

Newspapers make such interesting gift wrap, much like the maps and with some well thought out finishing touches look stylish and striking. Bright, bold accessories are a must with newspaper. Puzzle pages are a perfect added extra too. 

Eco-friendly alternatives Christmas Wrapping Paper Newspaper Wrap

7. Wooden crates

Wooden crates can be picked up from fruit stalls, greengrocers or markets. They make the perfect base for creating luxurious hampers with the addition of some shredded paper.

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts Hampers Alternative Wrapping Ideas

Perfect Eco-friendly alternative Christmas Gifts 


Turning to eco-friendly alternatives provides the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side and add real personal touches to the gifts you're giving to loved ones this Christmas. 

Not only will your recipient be wowed by the extraordinary gift wrapping you've used, you'll be taking one extra step this Christmas by helping our wonderful planet too. 

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