Eco Friendly Period Products

Sanitary products are the fifth most common type of plastic found on Europe's beaches. The women's environmental network estimates "that are around 9 plastic applicators and 23 sanitary towels for every one kilometre of a beach in the UK, with each one making it's way there by being flushed down toilets or dumped there from landfill." We take a look at the facts surrounding eco friendly period products and the best eco friendly alternatives to traditional sanitary products. 

Are reusable period products hygienic? 

Traditional tampons and pads are often made with plastic (many as much as 90%) luckily things are starting to change, along with attitudes towards throw away products. Reusable sanitary products are absolutely hygienic as long as you stick to basic hygiene rules and wash the products according to manufacturer instructions.  

Are eco friendly period products as effective? 

Absolutely! If not more so in a lot of cases. Manufacturers are in constant competition - as the market grows - to have the best products at the best price. 

Are sustainable period products more costly? 

Although it may seem more costly initially, because you're reusing them they actually work our much, much cheaper. 

Are eco friendly feminine hygiene products safe? 

Due to their eco credentials, most eco friendly period products are much kinder to your delicate skin than their traditional counterparts. Most use natural materials rather than synthetics, don't contain scents and product the PH balance extremely well. 

What are the options for eco friendly period products? 

Take a look below at just some of the alternatives to traditional towels and tampons. There are so many on the market and not all will suit everybody, often it's a case of trial and error, but we guarantee when you find your ideal product, you'll never look back. 

 Ruby Cup - Menstrual Cup

The Ruby Cup is 100% vegan, plastic free and made from medical-grade silicone that lasts 10 years. These reusable cups are extremely comfortable and are perfect for heavier days. Once inserted you won't feel the cup in place any more than you would a tampon. You can wear them for up to 8 hours and they have 3 times the capacity of a super tampon. Plus for every Ruby Cup sold, the company donates a cup to a woman in need. 

Period Pants

Period proof underwear has come a long way in a very short time. Early versions were often described as bulky but with ever improving technology period underwear is now sleek, comfortable and doesn't resemble your grandmother's bloomers. One of our favourite brands is Wuka but you can find affordable and well made period pants in a range of high street stores now. 

Reusable Sanitary Pads

The thought of reusing a sanitary towel may be a little off putting to some but with cleverly placed sealable bags they're actually great alternatives to traditional products as their so similar in the way that you use them and the feel of them in your underwear. We'd recommend carrying a dark sealable bag with you if you need to change your pad while out and about and keeping a small bin or sealable bag in the bathroom for storage until you're ready to wash them. 

Eco Friendly Tampons and Pads

If the idea of reusable products really isn't for you and you want to stick to a more traditional sanitary product there are still plenty of options to make your choices more eco friendly. There are loads of products on the market now which use sustainable materials, zero plastic and that are much kinder to you and the planet. We love Flo period products (and not just because their packaging is amazingly cute). Their tampons are certified organic, wrapped in plant based material and the applicator is also plant based, made from sugar cane. There's an applicator free version available too as well as liners and pads, made from sustainable bamboo. 

As we said, there are so many products to choose from, all with their own benefits, pros and cons and as with all sanitary products it's personal preference which products you choose to use. Which is your favourite period product? Let us know and we may well feature it in our shop! 



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