Reusable Safety Razor - How To Use Them And The Benefits Of Switching

One of our most popular products - and a firm favourite of The Ideal Sunday team - is our Stainless Steel Reusable Safety Razor. Their longevity and ability to give a super close shave are just some of the reasons our customers never look back after switching to this eco friendly alternative to every day personal care. 

Available in a Metal Grey or Rose Gold finish, these reusable razors look great in your bathroom. The handle is designed to minimise slipping while you shave and there's no need to apply any pressure, just let the weight of the razor glide over your skin to achieve a super smooth shave. 

Why You Should Switch To A Reusable Razor

We fully understand that the idea of coming at your skin with something that looks like it belongs in your Grandfather's bathroom cabinet and has a single, very sharp blade can be daunting. We also know we've grown up being told time and again that we need 3, then 5, then 6 blades, combined with the latest moisturising strip to achieve that ultimate shave so why on earth would you switch? Well, take a look. 

Affordable Shaving

Reusable safety razors are an extremely cheap option because you're only replacing the blade rather than the whole razor. Each blade will last around 6 shaves depending on how coarse the hair is and the size of the area you're shaving.

Eco Friendly Shaving

Over 2 billion plastic handled razors are thrown away every year. Due to the materials used in plastic razors they're really hard to recycle so are being sent to landfill, incineration and into our environment. Using a reusable metal razor helps the planet since you just replace the blades. It is also a fully circular swap since you can recycle the razor blades as well. 

Recyclable Shaving

Your razor will probably last your whole life if you follow the care instructions and keep it dry between uses. Should you want to dispose of your razor it can be recycled with your other metal recycling. The blades are also really easy to dispose of. One option is to buy a razor blade recycling tin which you can either seal and recycle as a whole unit or empty into a tin can. Blades placed into can such as a baked bean tin should be sealed with tape which will burn away when the metal is recycled at extremely high temperatures.  

Better Shaving

Once you master the technique of using a single blade razor you'll never want to switch back. The sharp blade sits flush against your skin so you get a much closer shave, less drag and less irritation. While other razors advertise 3-5 razors in a single cartridge, the safety razor stands strong at a single strong blade. This means there is less dragging across the face, less chance that your top layer of skin will come off with the hairs and less bulk building up between blades, while being dragged across your opened pores. All that to say, a safety razor promises a safer, healthier shave when done correctly.

How To Use A Reusable Safety Razor

Prepare the skin as normal

Readying for a safety razor shave is no different than prepping for a cartridge shave. You need to soften the skin and whiskers with warm water, then apply a pre-shave oil to nourish and condition both for the shave. Many shave creams, gels, and soaps are equally nourishing and can be applied for the same pre-shave effect. When you apply the shave agent, do your best to lift the hairs, which might be easier with a shave brush.

Pull the skin taut 

Here’s where we get into the actual shave. First things first: Keep the skin tight as you shave. You don’t want to drag the razor, lose your grip, or accidentally apply pressure. You can do this by maintaining a smooth, steady surface. So turn your face, angle your neck or stretch those legs out and pull the skin taut.

Maintain a 30-45 degree angle, applying no pressure

The weighted handle should be giving you all the force you need to shave clean and steady, so apply no additional pressure once that blade is on your face. You want to hold it roughly 30-45 degrees away from the skin too.

Shave with the grain

Another thing to remember as you shave, is to track the direction your hair grows. You need to shave with this grain, not against it. You might need to study your growth patterns before shaving or shaving with a translucent gel or oil. Your hair doesn’t all grow in the same direction either, so pay close attention. Doing this will prevent ingrown hairs.

Use short, straight strokes

Last but not least, you want to shave in small, steady spurts, rinsing between. Minimise dragging. Do a single pass over a small patch, then lift and resume with the patch below it. You can rinse between, and switch sides of the blade, but do your best not to re-shave any single patch of skin, as the single attempt should do the trick if you follow all the above rules. Minimising shave passes is the easiest way to avoid irritation too.

Rinse with cold water and apply a post shave balm 

It’s business as usual on the other end of the shave, too: After shaving, close the pores with a splash of cold water, then apply a refreshing, cleansing, and protective layer onto the skin, in the form of a post-shave balm. It’ll cool and soothe the skin and prevent any additional irritation and infection. 

How To Change Your Safety Razor Blades 

Unscrew handle
Remove the top part of the razor
Slot in the new blade
Screw back together
Tip - make sure the grooved part of the top of the razor is facing up!

So there you have it, easy, affordable and great for the planet while giving you the perfect close shave. What are you waiting for? Buy yours now. 

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