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37 products

Travel at The Ideal Sunday

It can be difficult when you’re on the go not to succumb to single use plastics, after all they’re everywhere we look, easy to grab and some more tradition alternatives can be awkward and impractical.

It’s so tempting to grab that disposable coffee cup or plastic bag but not with our eco-friendly “On The Go” range that you can take with you so you never have to worry about single-use plastics again.

Our products are so easy to carry with you and so stylish you’ll be dying to show them off in the coffee shop or supermarket.

Taking lunch with you was never easier with products such as our beeswax wraps, silicone ziplock pouches and lightweight bamboo cutlery that has its own pouch to make lunch on the go simple, affordable and zero waste.

Check out the products that mean you can carry on saving the planet and the money in your pocket.