56 Easy Eco Friendly Swaps For a More Sustainable Lifestyle

You’ve probably landed here a) because you asked Google something like “How can I be more eco friendly?” or b) because you already follow a somewhat sustainable lifestyle and want to know where you can make more swaps in your quest to go plastic free. Either way, we have your ultimate guide to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle with 56 easy eco friendly swaps you can try. If going all out seems a daunting prospect, and we know it is, try adding 1 new sustainable swap a week and you’ll soon be well on your way to being plastic free, sustainable and helping our beautiful planet.

Eco friendly Bath & Beauty products

Bath and Beauty products are a great place to start making easy eco swaps. So many traditional bath, shower and beauty products come in non-recyclable packaging, don’t contain natural ingredients and contribute greatly to the impact on our environment. Eco alternatives to bath & beauty products are small changes for a big impact without compromising on effectiveness. You’ll soon find your new favourites.

Eco friendly Dental Products

1. Bamboo Toothbrushes instead of those plastic-based handles and bristles.
2. Toothpaste Tablets rather than toothpaste tubes which are notoriously hard to recycle.
3. Mouthwash in a recyclable metal bottle or Mouthwash tablets can save so much plastic.

Eco friendly dental products

Eco friendly Hair care products

4. Shampoo bars save on huge amounts of plastic bottles being used.
5. 2 in 1 hair care bars remove the need for conditioner bottles too.
6. Powder dry shampoo means no CFCs being released into the atmosphere.
7. Wooden brushes and combs with natural bristles are better for your hair.

Eco Friendly Hair care Products

Eco friendly personal care

8. Natural Deodorants contain fewer chemicals and are kinder on the skin.
9. Plastic free lip balms because who needs all of those empty little plastic tubes.
10. Soap bars eradicate plastic and save space and are usually made with natural ingredients.
1. Bamboo Cotton buds are just as sturdy as plastic but mean no more little sticks in the oceans.
12. Bamboo Plasters are proven to aid healing and reduce irritation.
13. Natural loofas and flannels mean no small plastic particles going down the drain.
14. Recycled Toilet paper makes use of used paper, saving 1000’s of trees.
15. Reusable period cups reduce landfill and are better for your health.
16. Reusable period underwear which can be washed and reused.
17. Stainless Steel Razors give a closer shave and get rid of all of those plastic handles

Eco Friendly Personal Care Products

Eco friendly skin care

18. Natural Moisturisers and serums are so much better for the skin.
19. Eco-friendly Face scrubs don’t contain the microplastics that traditional counterparts might.
20. Body scrubs made from repurposed coffee grounds are the perfect example of circular beauty.
21. Face cleansers with natural ingredients are better for your skin and the planet.
22. Make up remover pads save tonnes of cotton wool from going to landfill.
23. Eco friendly Sunscreen is reef safe as well as containing natural ingredients.
24. Face masks can be made at home from store cupboard ingredients.

Eco friendly Skin Care Products

Eco Friendly Products For The Home

There are so many swaps to be made around the home without compromising or changing your daily routine. Many swaps, such as cleaning sprays, can include homemade options too meaning even more money in your pocket and fewer products being mass-produced.

Eco friendly cleaning products

25. Refillable cleaning sprays save plastic bottles from being one time use.
26. Compostable dish brushes prevent microplastics from going down the drain and into the waterways.
27. Natural Sponges and scourers contain no plastic and clean really well.
28. Eco friendly Laundry products save plastic bottle waste and contain no plastic.
29. Soap dishes are perfect to keep soap bars dry and prevent waste.
30. Compostable or biodegradable bin liners instead of traditional waste bags.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Plastic Free Laundry

Eco friendly Kitchen products

31. Wooden Bowls add a stylish touch to your kitchen and last years and years.
32. Bamboo cutlery can be taken anywhere and is also perfect for dinner parties.
33. Wax Wraps replace cling film or sandwich bags perfectly.
34. Silicone Lids are the perfect way to store any leftover food and fit almost any container.
35. Bamboo chopping boards are a great swap and look so stylish in the kitchen.
36. Eco friendly and plastic free tea & coffee options are sustainable and delicious.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Products

Eco friendly home living products

37. Organic cotton and linens provide a cosy room while being eco-friendly and luxurious.
38. Candles made with natural fragrance and vegan wax smell delicious without the nasty chemicals.
39. Natural essential oils can be used to fragrance your home, bath or even your body.
40. Charge your phone with a wireless charger made from recycled plastic.
41. Lidded jars provide perfect storage for loose dry goods from your local weigh shop.

Eco Friendly Candles and Home Fragrance

Eco friendly Travel products

42. Reusable coffee cups save millions of plastic lids from going into landfill.
43. Reusable Drinking bottles are one of the easiest yet most powerful swaps you can make.
44. Taking shopping bags with you not only helps the planet, they look much more stylish.
45. Silicone or metal straws prevent those soggy paper straws from being disposed of.
46. Metal lunch boxes keep food fresh without the need for extra wrapping.

Reusable Insulated Coffee Cup

Eco friendly pet products

47. Biodegradable poop bags breakdown much quicker.
48. Bamboo food and water bowls look great and save on plastic.
49. Toys made from recycled plastic, rubber or hemp rope make great entertainment.
50. Wet food can covers made from silicone keep food fresh for longer.
51. Recycled pellet or natural wood litter is much more sustainable.

Eco Friendly Pet Products

Eco friendly waste disposal

52. Composting is not only great for reducing your waste but fantastic for your garden too
53. Using compostable bags helps any landfill waste to degrade faster
54. Reusing as much paper and cardboard as possible can save you money too
55. No space for a composting bin? Try a small wormery instead
56. Recycle old clothing and fabrics wherever possible, maybe make your own cleaning rags.

Eco Friendly Waste Disposal

What are your favourite swaps? Let us know in the comments. 

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