Eco Friendly Halloween - 6 Ways To A Sustainable Halloween Celebration

Halloween will soon be upon us and with Covid restrictions lifted children across the land are chopping at the bit to get dressed up and once more ring those doorbells shouting "Trick or Treat" in the hopes of receiving sweet treats and a compliment on their outfit choice while Mum's, Dad's and carers whisper "did you say thank you?" warningly into their excited little ears. 

It's not just the age-old tradition of trick or treating either, more commonly people are choosing to celebrate with parties and gatherings which often means the use throw-away items and an impact on our planet. 

We take a look at how you can still celebrate Halloween in style in an eco friendly way. 

Eco friendly Halloween Sustainable Parties Costumes Decorations

Eco friendly Halloween Costumes

Let's face it, Halloween is all about your costume. Choosing which spooky character you're going to be this year and transforming into them is all a huge part of the fun. In more recent times these costumes are typically considered throw away items, contain huge amounts single use plastic and have travelled 1000's of miles around the world to reach you. 

It's time to get creative to lessen the impact on the planet when it comes to your costume. Browse through ideas on the web and use clothes already in your wardrobe. Pick up tips for piecing together an award-winning costume from items gathered at charity shops with a couple of reusable accessories. 

Get the kids involved, too! They’ll love the creative family time leading up to the night itself. Old sheets, a forgotten jumper, those ripped trousers you thought you'd never wear again, they can all be painted, glued and repurposed into fabulous outfits and best of it's free. 

If you're not the crafty type see if you can pick up a second hand costume or maybe even rent. These outfits will have only been worn for a few hours and are good as new. Check out our other eco friendly kid's activities

Eco Friendly Treats & Candy

Typically trick or treat rewards are small packets of sweets or chocolate which of course are wrapped in single use plastic which we know has an awful impact on the environment. Some options for alternatives could include; 

  • Homemade treats. Just let people know that they're homemade and make sure they don't contain nuts where possible. If you think there may be allergens present just a label stating this would be helpful.
  • Plastic free packaging. Try finding sweets wrapped in paper packaging instead. 
  • Fairtrade Chocolate. If dishing out chocolate treats opt for Fairtrade or organic varieties. 
  • Give a small gift instead. A small toy made from natural materials or a crafts pack doesn't need to cost the earth but will provide lasting fun for kids. 

Sustainable Halloween Bags and Buckets. 

Forget plastic buckets in various spooky shapes and get crafty instead. An old pillowcase makes an excellent loot bag and provides the perfect opportunity for a Halloween craft session. Let the kids get creative and decorate their own pillowcase as they please. 

Sustainable Halloween Parties

Eco Friendly Halloween Decorations

Much like costumes, Halloween decorations are typically single use, full of plastic or other non recyclable materials and cost a fortune for what is probably a few hours use. 

If you're the craft kind, now is your time to shine. Dust off those old jars you've been hoarding, gather the toilet paper tubes, hang those torn sheets and with a bit of painting and colouring, you can create stunning decorations without harming the environment. Hit up sites like Pinterest for some spooky inspo. 

Sustainable Parties

If Halloween provides the perfect party excuse for you make it an eco friendly occasion. Forget throw away plates and cutlery and instead opt for finger foods that don't require plates or use reusable crockery, though we doubt you fancy that much washing up! 

Perfect Halloween foods that won't create mountains of work include things burgers and hotdogs, sandwiches and wraps and of course cakes and sweet treats. If you have any leftovers send them home with your guests to make sure there's no waste. You could always use wax wraps to preserve the food and give your guests a party favour they can reuse. 

Repurpose Your Pumpkins

Halloween just wouldn't be the same with the pumpkins or indeed the carving of them but most go to waste after the occasion but there's plenty to do with both the inside and carved outers. 

The insides make delicious meals and snacks;

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin muffins 
  • Pumpkin seed granola or flapjacks

For the outers, once you've finished displaying your carved masterpieces you can break them up and leave them somewhere for wild animals to enjoy or often places such wildlife parks and sanctuaries are super grateful for these healthy treats. Pumpkin is actually a natural wormer and can be enjoyed by a wide range of animals. 

Repurpose Pumpkins reuse Pumpkin recipes

However you choose to make your Halloween celebration eco friendly we hope you have a fabulous time. We'd love to see any of your creations over on our socials. 

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