Eco Friendly Travel - Top Tips To More Environmentally Friendly Travel

As the world begins to open up again we're of course chomping at the bit to spread our wings again and enjoy those heady holiday days, however, during times of lockdowns and restrictions we realised he extent of the damage that can be caused to the planet simply by travelling. 

We certainly don't want to never travel again but there are plenty of ways which mean we can still visit all of the places and see all of the things we want to, just in a much more eco friendly way. 

Practical Tips For Environmentally Friendly Travel

Pack Lightly

Pack as lightly as possible. The more weight a plane has to carry, the more fuel it will use. By reducing the weight of your luggage you can help to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. 

Travel Overland

Not only will you have less of a carbon footprint but you'll also see a lot more of the world as you go. Taking trains and ferries where possible is a great, fun way to travel. 

Go Public

Use transfer buses or public transport when you arrive at your destination and whilst away instead of hire vehicles and taxis. 

Treat the hotel as home

Don't ask for new towels each day or take long showers just because you can and always turn off lights and aircon when you go out. 

Use an electric vehicle 

If you are needing to use a car to travel, choose an electric version. It will work much cheaper too. See our guide to EVs for more information. 

Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

Products For Eco Friendly Travel

We've rounded up some of our favourite eco friendly products to help you have a more sustainable trip. 

Metal Straw & Travel Case

These handy metal straws are collapsible and come with their own travel case which can be attached to keys, purses or backpacks with its very own keyring. 
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Insulated Water Bottle

You'll want to stay hydrated wherever you go and these insulated water bottles will keep your drinks super cool for hours. If you're in a country where bottled water is advised firstly check if your hotel has filtered water available and if you really do need to buy bottled water buy the biggest bottle possible and refill your smaller reusable bottle from that. 
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Vegan, Organic Sun cream

Hopefully, you'll be needed a good SPF sunscreen when you're away so choose an eco friendly version and you'll be protecting yourself and the planet. Our range of sun creams are also reef friendly meaning you don't need to worry about chemicals from your SPF leaking into the ocean. 
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Travel Cutlery Set

If you love trying local cuisines on the go from food trucks etc you'll love a travel cutlery set. No more plastic forks that often break during use anyway, just handy bamboo cutlery in its very own travel pouch. 
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Reusable Bag

A bit of an obvious one but take a reusable bag with you for carrying all of those treats and souvenirs you'll no doubt want to pick up. Choose a fold up version to save space.
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What are your top travelling tips? Comment below. 

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