Getting ready for Plastic Free July 2021

What is Plastic Free July? 

Plastic Free July was introduced in 2011 and is now an annual month long event which is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns with millions around the world striving to reduce their plastic use for the whole of July and beyond. 

The eco intuitive was started by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation and a small team in Western Australia with the aim of seeing a world free of plastic waste. 

Plastic Free July aims to bring a greater awareness of our use of single use plastics and encourage change, no matter how small. As with many eco friendly campaigns, the ethos is if we all make small changes, we can make a big difference. 

How I can get involved in Plastic Free July?

If you're wanting to reduce the amount of plastic you're using, Plastic Free July is the ideal way to start. Visit the PLJ website and you'll find a plethora of ideas, inspiration and challenges. Everything is broken down to help in different areas of your life e.g. at home, at work or at school with a multitude of tips for each area. 

Register to take the challenge and receive tips and tricks weekly via email to keep you encouraged and motivated. 

Take the challenge on Plastic Free July Official Website

How you can prepare for Plastic Free July

1. Take a reusable cup and bottle with you instead of buying single use coffee cups and plastic water on the go.

2. Take reusable shopping bags with you instead of using the plastic bags from supermarkets. Tip: Put them everywhere so you never forget! Places like back of the car, your daily backpack, work desk etc).

3. Try to find alternatives for your most used items. Things you use everyday, like toothpaste, soap, cleaning products and sanitary items.

4. Buy Less and reuse more. Whenever you see something that can only be used once, have a think and see if you can find an alternative. Replacing cling film with reusable food covers is a great place to start!

What we're doing for Plastic Free July

In support of plastic free July, The Ideal Sunday are doubling the trees we plant for every order as well as helping you guys throughout the month with a new guide each week. In each guide and across our socials you'll find weekly discount codes on some of our best selling plastic free products, (we'll get in to that more further down). 

As a team we're pretty good with our plastic waste, however each of us has pledged to do more during plastic Free July. I personally will be visiting my local plastic free food shop for my pasta, rice and other dried goods and the greengrocer for fruit and veggies. No more buying in packaging simply because I'm in the supermarket because it's easier! 

Will and Vic are aiming to go 100% plastic free!! (Good luck guys) They've cancelled their subscription food box and opted for a bigger Oddbox delivery to include all of their fruit and veg instead. If you haven't heard of them, Oddbox are boxes of surplus supermarket fruit and veg that is either slightly odd shaped, too big, too small or surplus for a certain verity. You too can rescue the odd food here. For other bits and pieces they will their local Queens Park Farmers Market. Definitely try and check it out if you're in the area!

The Ideal Sunday X Plastic Free July

To make it easy, we're breaking up the month into different areas you can make plastic free swaps! Each week you’ll find guides on our blog and exclusive deals in the shop to help you use less plastic this July.

Here is a breakdown of the month so you can keep up to date with the topics that mean most to you!

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Plastic Free July Week One: Skincare Plastic Free July Week Two: Kitchen
Plastic Free July Week Three: Bathroom Plastic Free July Week Four: On The Go


So without fanfare or further ado....bring on Plastic Free July!

Let us know what you're doing and how it's going in the comments or on socials. Best of luck and remember every little bit helps!

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