Introducing Eco Friendly Brand - BeeBee and Leaf

BeeBee and leaf wraps are a huge favourite among The Ideal Sunday Team and if you read our blogs regularly you'll know we often shout quite loudly about them. As much as we'd love you to buy some from us that's not why we speak so highly of these awesome eco alternatives. Let us explain why the versatile plastic free food wraps are just so damn good.  

The story behind BeeBee and Leaf Wraps

Starting from a humble kitchen table, founder Kath leads their mission to reduce single use plastic with beautiful products that don't compromise on functionality. 
After becoming a mum again in 2016, Kath, like most of us, wanted the world to be better than it is. Having time to think "whilst under a feeding baby, not much time to do anything else but, in the milky moment, the ideas flowed."

Having found that her fresh bread was going mouldy very quickly, Kath's friend Karen suggested beeswax wraps and after a bit of Googling, some old sheets and local beeswax, a simple version of the wraps were created. Although functional, these first wraps weren't perfect and after months of testing out new formulas to find the perfect one, Kath opened a small Etsy shop in 2017. 

Since then the business quickly grew and became a full time job not just for Kath but for the employees she found herself having to employ within months. 

Eco Friendly Plastic Alternatives Bees wax Wraps

BeeBee and Leaf Wraps Core Values

On their website they clearly set out the 3 B's, their 3 core values that they hold throughout the business including production and the end of the wraps useful life. "Do no unnecessary harm", "Create beautiful design led planet friendly products" and "Use our voice to inspire action" 
BeeBee and Leaf wraps are natural. They're produced from all natural materials and at the end of their life, this means they can return to the earth. Of course they cut down on plastic waste but they're also great for storing food, which mean less food waste too. Zero waste here we come. 

How to use BeeBee and Leaf Wraps

Both the beeswax and vegan wraps work by using the heat of your hand to fold the wrap in the way you need it to, be it for sandwiches, covering bowls or making snack packs. Take a look at the video below for some of the most popular uses. You can find more ideas on their website. 

 Some of our favourite BeeBee and Leaf designs.

We stock a huge range of wax wraps but here's 5 of our collective favourite designs, can you guess who's favourite each one is?

Honeycomb Vegan Wraps On A Roll 

Vegan Wraps Roll Plastic Free Cling Film

Eco Friendly plastic free cling wrap

Cling film alternative Plastic free food storage
Vegan Wax Wraps Plastic Free Wrap
Did you know that your you can revive wraps that are coming to their end of life too? Available in both beeswax and vegan wax formulas the refresher wax drops extend the lifespan of your wraps. 
BeeBee wraps refresher drops Vegan and beeswax food wraps
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