Introducing Eco-Friendly Brand - Ocean Bottle

Every month we take a look at one of the eco-friendly brands we choose to stock and explain why. This month we introduce you to Ocean Bottle.

In Ocean Bottle's latest ad campaign they state "Oh good. Another overpriced water bottle for £40" then go on to say "Said no Ocean Bottle customer ever". And they're right, because Ocean bottle are not just another eco-friendly refillable bottle company, they're so much more. 

For every bottle sold they fund the collection of a whopping 11.4kg of plastic otherwise bound for our oceans, that equates to 1000 plastic bottles. The collectors trade plastic for money, healthcare, tuition, tech, and microfinance. 

The Ideal Sunday Eco-Friendly Brand Water Bottle Picking up plastic

This is made possible due to Ocean Bottle working with Plastic Bank. Collectors in coastal communities can exchange plastic waste for money or digital credit. This is all done via an efficient IBM blockchain verified plastic collection system provided by IBM.

With 22 million kilograms of plastic entering our oceans each day it's companies like Ocean Bottle who really make the difference with our planet becoming a greener and more eco-friendly place. 80% of Ocean plastic comes from a lack of waste management infrastructure in coastal communities around the world.

Plastic Bank themselves are an ethical company and provide the collectors with a fair income in a sector where that isn't always the case. 

The Ideal Sunday Eco-Friendly Brand Ocean Bottle Plastic Bank

Ocean Bottle have an impressive goal for the very near future, by 2025 they aim to collect 80million kgs of plastic which is equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles, stopping them from ever entering our oceans.

Good deeds aside they make a damn good refillable bottle too. The Ocean Bottle combines the most sustainable materials for a product that you can use everyday for all occasions. The award-winning Ocean Bottle is designed to be part of your daily life essentials, from work to workout, to dinner to dancing or on the go.  It easily fits into your backpack, handbag or gym bag. It is great for all kinds of beverages like water, fruit infused drinks, iced coffee, carbonated liquids, smoothies, juice, tea and coffee, whilst guaranteeing it won’t leak whilst you carry it around with you and is also easy to drink from and clean with its double opening. The easy carry loop means you can always have it with you.

The Ideal Sunday Eco Friendly Insulated Water Bottle Ocean Bottle

The top grade vacuum thermos insulation technology is able to ensure ideal temperatures for any liquid hot up to 9hours or cold up to 18 hours, perfect for picnics and days out. 

Coming in range of beautiful colours, easy to clean and simple to fill with ice due to it's double opening system and 100% dishwasher safe it's the refillable bottle that not only looks good, does good. Each eco-friendly bottle comes in full recycled and recyclable packaging too.

Ready to rid the ocean of 1000 plastic bottles? Become part of the solution right here. 

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