The Ideal Way To Eco Friendly Shopping

Welcome eco friendly shoppers. If you've already taken a wander around our site you'll have noticed the Product Value Icons scattered across the homepage and product pages. We put these icons on the site so that no matter what your chosen reason to go eco-friendly, you can easily identify the values that mean most to you. You can even narrow down your product search by your favourite eco-friendly values using the product filters on the listing pages, so easy!

We realise that everyone is different and everyone holds different values when working towards the common goal of being more eco-friendly so whether you're trying to be plastic free and zero waste or just want a more natural product for you and your family, you'll be able to quickly identify the best products for making your eco-friendly swaps. 

Plastic free

One of the first swaps most newcomers make is to reduce the amount of plastic they use, to eventually go plastic free. This is maybe due to the issue now being so widely highlighted in mainstream media and taught to even very young children in schools and social media, whatever the reason you choose to go plastic free it's always a great decision and with so many alternative products and solutions available it's never been easier. 

Loose Ingredient Shops
Found on so many high streets now, these usually independent stores are a fantastic solution when trying to shop plastic free. As you're not paying for packaging or buying more than you actually need, plus they're often cheaper and mean less wastage of food.

Milk Delivery
We've seen a welcome comeback of traditional milk delivery in recent years as more people move to a plastic free lifestyle. If the fact their milk comes in glass bottles isn't enough to persuade you, they also do all of your recycling for you when they collect your used bottles, they're also usually run by independent companies and they pay their dairy farmers a much better rate for the milk. 

Reusable Cups
With single use plastics proving a huge problem for our environment and much of the plastic waste coming from drinks bottles and lids, a reusable bottle or cup is one of the best investments you can make when choosing to go plastic free. There's so much choice to fit your own lifestyle and personality too making them much more stylish than a generic drinking vessle.

The Ideal Way To Eco-Friendly Shopping -  Reusable Cups

Bath & Beauty Products
There are now so many plastic free alternatives for bath & beauty products. From soap bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, toothpastes, mouthwashes and so much more there's fast becoming so much choice for consumers going plastic free. 
If you prefer to still use liquid soaps consider refillable bottles and either refill from a bulk bottle or even better from a loose goods store. 

Use Your Own Bags
Another simple yet impactful little swap you can make is to use reusable bags when shopping. There are so many on the market now that are suitable for all kinds of shopping whether it's a full supermarket shop using heavy duty bags or a few groceries in a fold away carrier. 
If you do end up having to buy a bag in the supermarket consider buying a jute type bag and adding it to your collection of reusable bags. 

The Ideal Way To Eco-Friendly Shopping - Organic Plastic Free Bags

Eco-friendly Plastic free products


If you're eco-friendly you'll no doubt be trying to buy products with as little packaging as possible but due to the nature of a lot products it's inevitable that packaging can't always be avoided. The good news is that more and more companies are either reducing their packaging or moving to compostable and biodegradable options instead. 
As well as packaging, a lot of consumable products are now being produced from compostable materials such as bamboo. 
A great way to becoming zero waste is to use left over food and used consumables for compost. It's easier than you think and there are some great starter kits on the market, many of which are space saving too. 
Products such as our compostable bin bags make composting at home simple and convenient.

Eco-friendly compostable products


Organic products are important to our planet as they mean no artificial chemicals and pesticides are being used and soaking into the soil and waterways. 
When you think of the word organic you'll likely conjure up an image of your local green grocer or farmers market but it's not just our produce that can be organic. Cotton products, beauty buys, laundry and cleaning products and even your daily coffee are now available as organic products. 

Eco-friendly Organic products for everyday green living

UK Made

If reducing your carbon footprint is something you're conscious about you'll no doubt want products that don't travel far. The UK has a fast growing market when it comes to all things eco-friendly and with so many new independent manufacturers producing beautiful eco products it's never been easier to find your perfect environmentally friendly swaps made right here in the UK. 

Eco-friendly UK made products


One of the biggest changes we can make to have a positive impact on our planet is by recycling and using recycled products. Recycling is now second nature to most people who often find it frustrating when a product or part of it can't be recycled and there for ends up in landfill. 
When you shop eco-friendly you become very aware of recyclable products and packaging and fortunately these are becoming much more widely available. 
For anything that you struggle to find a truly recyclable alternative for such as coffee filters there's usually a reusable product like a stainless steal coffee filter.

The Ideal Way To Eco-Friendly Shopping - Recycled Products

Eco-friendly Recyclable and Reusable alternative products

Vegan Friendly

If you're vegan or even trying to reduce the amount of products you use which are in some way derived from animal products it's important to you to find a variety of products that are not only vegan but also great quality and good value.

You'll find that most eco-friendly products are actually vegan too with the odd exception. Even if you still have some meat or animal produce in your diet, using vegan products still has a fantastic impact on our planet.

Eco-friendly Vegan products


Handmade products are perfect eco-friendly products as the processes and chemicals used to produce them are far more environmentally friendly.
Zero Waste Path for example are a company who hand make products that are zero waste from beginning to end including their packaging. Handmade products are made by people who care, in this case about the environment and helping others live a greener lifestyle. 

The Ideal Way To Eco-Friendly Shopping - Handmade Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly Handmade Products from companies who care


When a product is natural it means it's safe for you and great for the planet. All of our natural products are created with non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients and materials. 
With natural cleaning products such as Ocean Saver, an eco-friendly zero-waste cleaner that is made from vegan and plant-based ingredients which are palm oil free. The sustainable refill pods are plastic free so are biodegradable and have been made to be cruelty free and paraben free, with a huge range of refills to suit every job around the house including anti-bacterial options. 
Our soap and shampoo bars, dental care and beauty products are all natural too and contain no harsh chemicals so are suitable for the whole family. 

Eco-friendly natural products for a greener lifestyle

So no matter the reason for you to start shopping eco-friendly, there are so many ways to do so and we've tried to make it as easy as possible to find the values you're looking for. We think our site is your Ideal place to start living more sustainably but let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see some other product types in 2021.


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