It's Our First Birthday And We're Celebrating!

To say thank you for all of your support over the past year we'd like to offer you 15% off everything!

There’s no doubt, our first year has been a rollercoaster! More challenging and more rewarding than we could’ve imagined. It's certainly not been without it's sleepless nights (many on a sofa bed in the living room - but we’ll get to that), lots of deep breaths and a whole heap of asking “Are we really doing this? Can we do this?”. It's also been filled with exploration, a pretty steep learning curve and a happy dance every time an order comes in… (or a review, or a message on Instagram if we’re honest).

First stock arrives at the flat in London

Starting with just 30 products, the first of which was Eco Living toothpaste tablets, Will launched The Ideal Sunday from the living room of the London flat he and Vic shared. Our first customers were family and friends, but it didn't take long for the very first order from an unknown customer to roll in. Will credits this very moment as one of the best he's had and he'll never forget it. “Packaging that plastic free tea strainer and comb… I’d say there was a cautious sense of pride and optimism!”

Admittedly, the cautious optimism didn’t last long. Just a few weeks later Covid 19 hit and the uncertainty of everything - let alone building a business - in such ‘unprecedented times’ was a definite low point. But Will kept going, fuelled by reports and stories in the news showing the world was healing while we’d all slowed down to a halt. It was a great reminder of the difference we can make by doing a little bit more to help our planet.

Will & Vic move out of London during lockdown

As lockdown struck, Will and Vic packed some essentials and all the stock they had, and moved to stay with family out of London. What began as three weeks actually lasted three months and when Lockdown was finally lifted and it was time to move back to London, packing the car again was a very different story. The easily moved stock from April now barely fit. Without space for even one more coffee cup it was suddenly clear that The Ideal Sunday had not just survived, it had thrived.

Getting back to the flat, it was quickly recognised that using their tiny living room as a stock room and office for two people and two businesses wasn't going to work anymore. Will and Vic were on the move again and after a few weeks of sleeping in the living room while the bedroom became HQ, they moved into a slightly bigger flat, with a dedicated room for stock and office space. This felt like a HUGE step… Living. The. Dream!

The current office, and quickly running out of room again!

Fast forward a few months, realising that The Ideal Sunday was no longer a one man job, Will hired me, Suzie to help with the website content and social media allowing him more time to get back to the roots of the business and support the great eco causes he's passionate about.

Delegation doesn't come naturally to Will so this is was a huge step for him but an important one to retain the ethos and integrity of the brand. So whenever you read a blog these days, it's probably me who’s written it, Will who's gone in and changed it and me who's snuck back in to change it back again! It's all good fun and we're all equally dedicated to making a difference to see our eco dream turning into a successful reality.

As we kick off Year Two, The Ideal Sunday has planted 1357 trees, expanded to over 350 products and has 35 eco friendly suppliers, most of which are small, independent UK companies. We've come a long way, and hope to go even further in the coming year. We are so grateful to all of you, and thank you so much for your continued support. If you have any thoughts or feedback on what you’d like to see then please drop us an email.

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