Eco Friendly Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

This year Mother's day falls on 14th March so there's still plenty of time to get something super special for your mum and we've outlined some ways you can do that in an eco-friendly way and some of them won't even cost you a thing!

What can I do for Mum that's eco friendly and awesome? 

Look no further. Here at The Ideal Sunday we've gathered eco friendly Mother's day gifts to suit every taste, budget and eco value you may have. 

Breakfast in Bed

A classic Mother's Day go to tradition this was something that always occurred in our house when growing up as a kid. There's nothing better than having a relaxing morning with some pancakes and coffee and letting the family fuss over you for a change! It's a sure way to make any mum feel special on her day, you might even offer to do the dishes too!

Cost - Can be as affordable as you like. If you're on a budget probably hold back on the champagne!
Eco value - Zero waste and saving on travel
Ideal for - Any mum who deserves to feel extra special

Wildflower Seeds

A pack of wildflower seeds is inexpensive but ultra effective. They can be scattered just about anywhere be that tubs or pots, borders or an area of lawn and take next to no care. Most come every year and spread well so your Mum will have lasting gift and reminder of how much you love her. 

Cost - approx. £5
Eco Value - Takes care of our native bees, butterflies and other insects. 
Ideal For - A Mum who loves flowers, bees and nature. 

The Ideal Sunday - The Wildflower Seeds

Reusable Shopping Bag
A stylish bag is always in fashion and now we all take one wherever we go, we use them as not only a practical item but also an accessory. Our reusable shopping bags come in a variety of designs and fold up neatly to fit inside pockets when not being filled with goodies. 

Cost - from £10
Eco Value - Plastic reduction
Ideal For - A Mum who loves shops and hates waste. 

Air Purifying Plants
Plants are amazing at taking our bad air, giving it a little clean and sending beautifully fresh air back into the atmosphere but some are actually better than others at this. One such air purifying plant is actually called Mother-in-law's tongue! Other great purifying plants are typically varieties of ferns. Plants are also a great way of giving a gift that lasts beyond the occasion. 

Cost - from £5 
Eco Value - Purer air
Ideal For - Green fingered Mum's 

Reusable Straws
There's a huge range of alternatives to plastic straws now available thankfully but not all of them are as transportable when you're out and about. Zero Waste Club's collapsible stainless steel straws come with their own case. They're easy to keep in pockets or bags and coming in either matt silver or rose gold they're super stylish too. 

Cost £7.50
Eco Value - Plastic free 
Ideal For - Mum's on the go 

Kitchen Compost Bin
A great DIY project, make Mum her own kitchen compost bin by decorating or painting a large can, add a lid and she can fill it with any kitchen scraps and either use the compost as it's ready or add it to a bigger heap outdoors. It's a great eco project to get kids involved in too. Here's some great tips to get started.

Cost - Free apart from any decorating materials. 
Eco Value - Zero Waste
Ideal For - The eco conscious Mum. 

Soap Bars
There's a huge range of luxurious soap bars available that are a brilliant eco swap. All of the soap bars in our range contain no plastic packaging and are made from natural ingredients meaning no hidden chemicals. Teamed with a stylish bamboo soap dish they make an amazing gift. 

Cost - from £5
Eco Value - Zero waste and plastic free
Ideal For - Every Mum, just choose their favourite scent.

The Ideal Sunday - Soap Bars

A walk around her favourite place
Getting outside in the fresh air always feels great. Why not take your mum on a stroll around her favourite woods, along the sea front or along a local hiking route? It's also been proven that walking amongst nature isn't just a great mood lifter, it also promotes better communication. Walking Britain is an excellent resource for walking routes.

Cost - FREE
Eco Value - Appreciating nature
Ideal For - Mums who love the outdoors. 

The Ideal Sunday - Walk in a Favourite Place

A charitable donation in her name
Charities are always grateful of any donations they receive and donating in someone's name is a fantastic gift. If your Mum already has a charity that's close to her heart, it's a no brainer, if not think about causes she'd love to support. Some of our favourite charities are Ecologi, Trees for Cities, 2 Minute Beach Clean

Cost - However much you wish to donate
Eco Value - Giving back
Ideal For - The Mum who just loves giving.

Eco friendly body scrubs 
UpCircle body scrubs are a wonderous eco beauty product. Made from repurposed coffee grounds and containing amazing essential oils and natural ingredients, these scrubs are a perfect gift, especially at this time of year to give skin a spring clean and get it summer ready. 

Cost - £15
Eco Value - Eco friendly beauty
Ideal For - Mum's who love a pamper. 

Adopt a bee
You can adopt a real life bee! Each bee adopted comes with it's own certificate and you choose which type of bee you'd like; drone, worker or queen bee and give it a name. Each adoption helps the honeybee population recover and supports honeybee initiatives around the UK. Find out more here
Cost - from £1
Eco Value - Saving bees
Ideal For - Mum's who love bees. 

Gift Cards
If you're really stuck for ideas a gift card is your perfect solution. Our gift cards are delivered into your email inbox with full instructions on how to redeem them. Find out more just here.  

Cost - from £10
Eco Value - A good all rounder
Ideal For - Hard to buy for Mum's

Plant a tree together
We all know trees are great for planet so why not get outdoors and plant a tree of your own with your Mum? It's a great eco friendly gift that last for years and years as will the memory of you planting it together. 

Cost - Tree from around £10 
Eco Value - More trees 
Ideal For - A lasting memory with your Mum. 

Don't forget if you buy your eco friendly Mother's day gift from us we plant a tree for every order. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Mother's day 2021, we at The Ideal Sunday wish you all a wonderful day.

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