The Best Eco Friendly Blogs and Why You Should be Following Them

 With eco friendly lifestyles and sustainability becoming ever more popular as people become more aware of the issues affecting our planet, the information out there is becoming a lot more readily available, which is great but finding an eco friendly blog, eco blogger or sustainability blog that resonates with you and your values can be frustrating to say the least. 

We've rounded up our favourite eco friendly blogs and eco bloggers and why we love them to give you a head start in finding the right sustainability blog for you. 

With many focusing on specific aspects of living an eco friendly lifestyle such as plastic free home living, zero waste food prep and cooking, sustainable fashion, natural, eco beauty products we also direct you to the eco blogs that fit your values best. 

12 of the best eco blogs on the internet

1. Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Blog Type: Sustainable lifestyle

Since 2010 Jennifer Nini, founder of Eco Warrior Princess and her team have been delivering well written eco blogs for all, if you're just starting your eco journey or have been helping to save the planet for a while now, Eco Warrior Princess appeals to both. 

As a media business and a community of clever, stylish, discerning people who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Eco Warrior Princess covers topics that matter, with eco blogs on environmental issues, conservation, sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, politics, feminism, eco beauty, wellness and green technology this eco blog has content that is intelligent, clear and totally honest.

Head to Eco Warrior Princess

2. Old World New

Eco Blog Type: Sustainable Lifestyle

Self confessed sustainable living enthusiast, Addie Fisher shares her eco friendly journey in this fresh and eco all rounder blog.

Her blogs range from how to build a DIY plant stand and how to compost at home to how to turn a maxi dress into a jumpsuit. 

Addie quotes "Everything can be done sustainably" and reading her blog you truly believe that. She makes eco living second nature and her passion throughout her posts makes us all want to be a better steward of the earth. 

Head to Old World New

3. Curiously Conscious

Eco Blog Type: Eco Lifestyle 

Besma started this eco blog in 2014 whilst living in a tiny 6th floor flat in Paris when she started to explore the French way of doing things such as buying fresh produce from a farmers market, taking her own shopping bags and buying investment pieces rather than fast changing trends. 

Besma writes about her real experiences in changing her own habits, item swaps and travelling in this eco blog which summarises her approach to life. 

Head to Curiously Conscious

4. Ethical Unicorn

Eco Blog Type: Sustainability and Social Justice

If you're new to eco living this could be the blog for you. With specific blog posts aimed at the newly eco friendly, Francesca Willow brings a holistic view on sustainability and social justice.  

Ethical Unicorn is an eco blog with a fact based approach which will inspire you to live a more conscious, informed lifestyle and bring some clarity to ethical living confusion. It's an easy to read eco blog from a straight talking and frankly hilarious at times writer. 

Head to Ethical Unicorn

5. Eco Thrifty Living

Eco Blog Type: Eco Living and Money Saving
Documenting her experiences whilst becoming more eco friendly by saving money and the planet, Zoe Morrison is the author of both the Eco Thrifty Living blog and book. 

She shares handy tips and tricks to becoming more eco friendly whilst saving money too. Zoe's passion shines throughout her posts and rather than making the reader feel guilty for not doing something in an eco friendly way already, her writing supports and encourages you in your own eco friendly journey. 

Head to Eco Thrifty Living

6. Moral Fibres

Eco Blog Type: Sustainable lifestyle

Since 2013 Wendy has brought us the hilariously honest eco blog that is Moral Fibres. Challenging misconceptions and offering invaluable tips on living more sustainably, showing how easy, affordable and stylish it can be to live a green lifestyle. 

The blog is easy to read with 6 main categories to dip into so all information you need is right at your fingers tips and written beautifully. 

Head to Moral Fibres

7. Aim Plastic Free

Eco Blog Type: Plastic Free Living

Inspired by her time living in South East Asia Mia brings us this inspirational blog where she shares her own experiences and collaborations with others in their plastic free journey. 

You'll also find the plastic free challenge on the site which is a great way to get daily tips and ideas on ways to go plastic free. It's fun too with hashtags to share and celebrate your progress. 

Head to Aim Plastic Free

8. Eco Cult

Eco Blog Type: Fashion, travel and beauty as well as weddings

Alden Wicker's blog delves into her world of fashion, travel, beauty, home, and wedding sustainability through her eco-blogging articles. This eco-friendly blog offers insight into supply chains from India to America, Europe to Asia and beyond with first hand experience from Alden and her Husband's travels across the globe to discover the best and worst of the fashion industry.

She also rather interestingly addresses topics such as how MLM’s are actually ethical product providers and there's some really fun stuff on there such as how to DIY a face mask with an old re-useable shopping bag.

Head To Eco Cult

9. Sustainably Chic

Eco Blog Type: Fashion 

This sustainable fashion blog founded by Natalie from Florida US is the go to for everything sustainable fashion, green beauty and eco living. With an extensive background in fashion Natalie decided she would only remain in the industry if she could help change the way business is done. 

Now blogging full time Natalie only ever writes good, honest reviews about products and brands she believes in and uses herself.  

Head to Sustainably Chic

10. Mindful Momma

Eco Blog Type: Healthy and Natural Home and Lifestyle

If you have a busy household where you're juggling kids, eating well, keeping on top of household jobs and more then this is the blog for you. 

Micaela's eco blog is everything you need to living a lot greener in every aspect of your life. She is so raw and honest in her posts and admits and accepts that living the perfect natural eco lifestyle isn't always completely possible but she certainly makes it a lot easier. There's tips and tricks and recipes galore and reading this blog will help eco living become second nature. 

Head to Mindful Momma

11. Tiny Eco Home Life

Eco Blog Type: Eco friendly living

Ben created Tiny Eco Home Life in 2019. His motto is all about simple, sustainable living. The tiny eco home life blog covers a wide range of topics from eco living and the environment, to information on eco cabins, huts, stoves and loads more. All sit under the umbrella of more eco friendly living.

Head to Tiny Eco Home Life 

12. The Ideal Sunday

Eco Blog Type: All rounder

Come on, you didn't think we'd forget our blog did you? At The Ideal Sunday we like to try and bring you a great mix of eco blogs with some being the brands we stock, others focusing on specific products or ideas for gifts and at times something more personal to us as a brand. Either way we hope each one helps you in your journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Eco influencers on Instagram

If blogs aren't your thing and you like your eco information in bite size pieces we've also rounded up our favourite eco friendly Instagram accounts to follow. 

Immy Lucas

Location: UK

Immy is the creator of the YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan and environmental movement, The Low Impact Movement. She states she's just a regular person who loves the environment and tries their best everyday to lower my waste and live a low impact lifestyle.


Manuela Barón

Location: USA

Manuela is a Colombian-American advocate with a passion for sustainability. In 2015, her world travels exposed her to our earth's plea for change. Surrounded by plastic pollution, she vowed to change her habits to help the environment.


Bea Johnson

Location: USA

Bea Johnson is a US-based environmental activist, author and motivational speaker. She is best known for waste free living by reducing her family's annual trash down to a pint and for authoring the book Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste.


Max La Manna

Location: UK

Max La Manna is a zero waste New York chef, sustainability advocate, environmentalist and author. Max's awareness and education around food waste and plastic pollution has been featured in numerous publications, from BuzzFeed Food, NowThis News and EcoAge to Vogue.


Kate Nelson

Location: Australia

Kate has lived for ten years without single-use plastics and is one of Australia's leading advocates for plastic minimisation. Impacted by a 2008 visit to the Great Pacific Trash Gyre, she made her decision to live disposable-plastic free. She has since founded not-for-profit Save the Mermaids, lobbied governments and corporates and spoken at schools around the world about the dangers of plastics in our oceans.


Lauren Singer

Location: USA

Lauren is an American environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger in the zero-waste movement.[1] She has been living a zero-waste life since 2012.


Madeleine Olivia

Location: UK

Madeleine is a blogger and Youtuber whose aim is to spread the message of minimalism, low-impact living and self-love, making it easy and attainable for everyone.




Do you run or know of a blog that you think would fit well within this list? Let us know in the comments below or email us at

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