Plastic Free July Week 4 - Your guide To Plastic Free On The Go

It's the final week! I could sit here and say going plastic free is easy peasy but I'd be lying. In the world we live in it's hard going to avoid all plastic, no matter how hard we try, but the thing about plastic free July is it's not really about being perfectly free from plastic, it's about awareness and striving to reduce our use of plastic and for me, that's certainly the case. 

Since joining The Ideal Sunday and writing for them I'm generally become much more eco-conscious and have found myself making better choices for the environment along the way but now getting involved with campaigns such as Plastic Free July has made me hyper-aware of the issues our delicate planet is facing and how I can help to fight back. 

Plastic Free July - Final Update

This week it's actually felt like second nature in my quest to reduce plastic. I've managed to get into a good routine and by making time to go and buy loose goods and refill my containers and jars I've actually left my desk during the day, walked to the shop and I feel great for it. Not only am I doing my bit for the planet, I'm taking a break and getting some fresh air. It's a small change to my week that's made a big difference, and as I keep saying, that's what being eco-friendly is. 

Will & Vic have been doing amazingly well and apart from that pesky bit of plastic in week 1 have continued to be plastic free. They've also taken the opportunity to eat less meat this month too and have found a love for vegan food more than ever. Nice work guys. 

Plastic Free On The Go

This week we're going plastic free on the go. It's probably the hardest time being free from plastic, especially single use plastic. Convivence has played a huge part in our daily lives for so long and if you're having a day at the beach it's so easy to buy a bottle of drink or grab a plastic fork with your fish and chips but there are now, thankfully, a lot of options to help you eradicate that plastic and replace it with reusable alternatives. Without further ado here's our favourite On The Go products. 

Collapsible Metal Straw

These handy little straws come with their own travel case which even has a key ring so you can attach it to your keys, slip it in your pocket or pop it in your bag and it will stay clean until you need it. They're available in matt silver or rose gold and made from 60% post consumer recycled stainless steel. 

Buy yours here

Reusable Insulated Bottle 

There's nothing like a cold drink on a hot day which is why insulated bottles are perfect. Ocean Bottle's reusable bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours or if you're a fan of a hot drink it will be keep it warm for up to 9 hours. Each bottle sold also funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles too. 

Buy yours here

Large Organic Shopping Bag

This bag is so much more than plastic free alternative to single use carrier bags. It has pockets and sections meaning you can use it to keep your belongings safe and easy to reach, store different items in different sections to stop them getting jumbled up and you can fit so much into it. Perfect for beach days, picnics or daily use. 

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Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

This stylish cutlery set is perfect for grabbing something to eat while you're out and about. It comes in a pouch to keep it clean and is made form natural bamboo which has anti-bacterial properties. Ideal for those seaside fish and chips. 

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Beeswax Wraps

We're all huge fans of these wax wraps. They're so versatile for storing all kinds of food but they're also perfect for taking on a picnic. You can wrap sandwiches, pies, cakes, cut fruit and veg, just about anything you wish and it will stay fresh until you're ready to eat it. Plus they take up no space when you're finished with them meaning you're not carrying around cumbersome tubs.

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Reusable Coffee Cup 

There's nothing like your favourite hot drink to get you ready and raring to go and if you need yours to go, reusable cups are perfect. Take your morning coffee with you on the commute, grab a lunch time brew or enjoy sipping that latte in the park. 

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