Reusable Tea Strainer
Reusable Tea Strainer

Reusable Tea Strainer

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Cut out plastic tea bags with this versatile tea strainer is perfect for teapots, mugs, cups and bottles.

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Favourite Features
  • Super fine mesh
  • The best way to enjoy loose leaf tea
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for teapots, mugs and glass bottles

More details

Did you know that nearly all tea bags have plastic lining on them? So that means they do not degrade in compost or in soil.

This stainless steel reusable tea strainer makes it easy to go waste-free when drinking your tea without the guilt of throwing away plastic each time. It has a super fine mesh that will filter out the smallest tea leaves and handles to help avoid being scalded by the hot steam.

  • Dimensions: 6cm wide (mesh), 7.5cm tall


Made of food grade stainless steel that keeps your drink free from the odour and taste of metal.