Plastic Free July week 2 - Your guide to a plastic free kitchen

So here we are at week 2, and I won't lie this week has been testing for me. I've been horrifically busy and honestly, an easy life has felt like the way forward a lot of the time. That said, I told you all at the start that I was going to be more conscious of the plastic I use and although I've stumbled at times I'm trying, and that's what really matters here. 

Plastic Free July exists to make us more aware of the plastic we're using and throwing away and although I haven't gone 100% I've certainly been a lot more conscious of the things I'm buying and using. 

My daughter has a school residential trip so needed a water bottle. As she's a kid and throws things around more than your average rugby player she needed one that didn't leak from where it had been dropped and cracked. It had to be cheap enough that if she left it behind or volleyed it off a rock face it didn't matter. Now old me would have bought a cheap plastic thing and probably have thrown it away when she got home. New me bought a metal bottle so that if it was forever forgotten or smashed in a abseiling mishap it could still be recycled properly. Progress, a little step but one less plastic bottle left to landfill. 

100% Plastic Free (well, almost)

Will and Vic on the other hand remain so committed and on target. They have however, had one set back. The fruit and veg box from Oddbox that usually comes plastic free did have some plastic wrapping for the spinach leaves. The good thing about Oddbox though is this produce would have gone to waste anyway as it's been rejected by the supermarkets already. So I guess there are worse ways to use single-use plastic!

Will especially took this as a hit to their commitment but the first wasn't their fault as every other fruit delivery hasn't had plastic and the second was a simple mistake to learn from and again, the fault of the company for using the plastic rather than a choice they made or an indifference to plastic use. 

What we've all taken from the first week is that while we're trying, we're doing some good. It may not be perfect but it's a huge step in the right direction and gives us the knowledge and skills to know more, make better choices and encourage others to do the same. 

So that's a little recap of how our Plastic Free July is going, how was your first week? Let us know what you've been trying to do and how it's going for you. 

This week we're focussing on plastic free swaps for the kitchen. I wasn't aware of this at first but there a plenty of small swaps you can do to limit the use of single use plastics. Here's a little discount to use to get you started!

Plastic Free July Week 2

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Plastic Free Kitchen 

This week we're looking at plastic free kitchens and how we can make simple swaps to get rid of single use plastic. Just like skin care last week, there's much opportunity for plastic to creep in without us really thinking about it. After all, our mothers used cling film so that's what we do until we know there's plenty of options out there to eradicate single use plastic. 

Reusable Baking Liner 

Typically used as an alternative to aluminium foil, these baking sheets can actually be used to cover food while it cooks to retain moisture and stop food burning. As long as food is in a deep sided dish and sits below the top of the sides, the liner can be simply placed over it.

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Bamboo Cooking utensils

Totally plastic free and long lasting, bamboo cooking utensils are the perfect addition to any kitchen. As well as being hygienic and easy to clean they won't melt onto your pans like their silicone counterparts. They look great at a dinner party too. 

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Silicone Ziplock Bag

There's little doubt that Ziplock bags keep food fresh however single use versions are bad news for the planet. Switch to a reusable alternative with silicone bags. Keep food even fresher and can simply be washed and reused ready for the next round of left overs. 

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Silicone Stretch Lids

Not just for round bowls, these stretchy lids can be used on any shape container to keep food fresh for longer. They create the perfect seal so are ideal for either leftover food or even liquids 

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Beeswax or Vegan Wax Wraps

There's a huge range of wax wraps now available which is great news as these stylish wraps are great for storing just about anything. From your lunchtime sandwich, fresh bread or cheese to left over salad bowls or soups. By warming these nifty little wraps in your hand you can mould them around anything you want to store away for another day. 

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Ocean Saver Cleaner Refills

All the choice of your regular household cleaners without the single use plastic. With a clever little refill pouch for every cleaning job around the house, there's a lot to love. Either use a bottle you already have at home or buy a refillable bottle to use over and over again. Drop the sachet into the bottle, add water from your tap and you're good to go. 

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Plastic Free Dish Brush

Tiny microparticles can break loose from traditional plastic headed dish brushes which eventually make their way down the drain and into our oceans. Our range of dish brushes with replaceable heads are made from natural Tampico fibre bristles which are resistant and hard-wearing, and keep the shape without softening.

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Reusable organic cotton tea bags

A rarely thought of landfill offender are tea bags. Many of the actual bags contain plastic, making them bad news for the planet. Switching to loose tea doesn't have to mean leaving leaves behind in the bottom of your cup. The organic cotton bags won't let the leaves through but will allow your tea to brew, jus how you like it. 

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What have been your most impactful swaps? Let us know in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletters to be first in the queue for any offers.

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